H2 Cards invitation designs and wordings are printed using either thermography or foil stamping. All our prices are based on these two printing methods.

Thermography simulates the look of engraving using the offset printing process as its foundation. A powder is applied onto a freshly printed surface. The paper and powder are then subjected to heat, which causes the powdered image to rise, thus creating the illusion of raised, glossy appearance.

Ink Colors
Standard Ink Colors for Thermography or Off-set Printing $10/color besides black:

Please note that color on screen may vary from actual printed pieces.

Foil Stamping
Foil stamping is basically colored foil heat-stamped onto the paperís surface and released in the form of the desired creative effect. Used most commonly to achieve metallic finish, this method can also be applied using matte and pigment foils, as well as foils containing patterns and textures (extra charge applies).
We also offer other methods listed below. Please inquire for price quotes.

Foil Colors
Standard Foil Colors for
Foil Stamping:
No Additional Charge

Below is a list of color options for pad printing which is a method used to personalize our party favors.
Pad printing is a printing process in which a well in the shape of the image to be printed is filled with ink.
A curved silicone pad rolls over the well, absorbing some of the ink, and then rolls over the three-dimensional
object to be printed, leaving the image from the well.